Established 1952

                                                                               OUR GOAL:
                                                                       To establish and maintain a social
Ephrata Sportsmen’s Association                     educational association and to
P. O. Box342                                                  promote Angling, Hunting, Shooting
Ephrata, WA 98823                                        and Wildlife Conservation

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UPDATED:               May, 2016

Range and Clubhouse closures:

The clubhouse will be used the first Saturday of each Month April through September. 
The clubhouse will also be used the 2nd
Saturday of every Month all year long. 
450 Yard will be closed May 23-28, June 23-25, July 18-31, 
September 8-10 for Aerobatic Training

It has come to my attention that there has been a lot of unauthorized Range use. Here are the rules.
A numbered key will be issued with membership.
Keys are to be used by the permit holder and their immediate family only.

Permits are not available for individuals under the age of 18.
Youth under the age of 18 are not to be left unattended or unsupervised.

Misuse of the key (such as loaning or giving it to someone) will be cause for revoking membership.

8.  All club card holders will bring no more than two (2) guests to the shooting range at one time and not more than twice per year with the exception of those quests not living in the Moses Lake and Ephrata area.

We will be hosting the Washington State International Steel State Championships on Saturday June 18 2016. Come out and support your local shooters. If you are interested in shooting this event contact person is Grant at steel.grant@scml.us.

Members: The Board would like to thank everyone that supported EPHRATA SPORTSMEN ASSOCIATION this past year. Come and check out the new tables and chairs in the Clubhouse and new paint and carpet in the Indoor range. We are now calling the indoor range the "Indoor Range and Training Center."  Thanks to all who helped paint. 

Membership: New memberships are now available for 2016 for $80 Keys/membership are available at Olde World Trading in Moses Lake or Ephrata. Starting Feb. of 2014 Desert Fly Angler will also be selling memberships.
Please thank them for providing this service. The Shooting Range is for members only. The only areas open to the General public are Skeet, 5 Stand and the indoor range when open. See times below. 

Range location: Approx 2 miles S. of Ephrata at intersection of Hwy. 282 and Airport Street. Bays open to the membership are the 25-50-100 yard bays and the 450 yard bay on approved days.Trap, Skeet and 5-Stand bays for shotgun only. Pistols and rifles only on the 25, 50 and 100 yard bays.

Board Meetings: Ephrata Sportsmen Meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at 6:30pm in the clubhouse. Hope to see you there.

3Gun Nation Competition. We will be holding a match the first Saturday of the month April through September. Registration starts at 8 AM Shooting starts at 9AM. Price is $40.00 per shooter. Lunch Included. 
. If you are not sure check it with a magnet. Contact person is 
Mike Detrolio at
mdetroliosr@yahoo.com. See Facebook page. Ephrata Sportsmen Association

International Steel: ( Formerly Steel Challenge) Held the second Saturday of each month. Stop by during match days to get on the email list and learn about this fun game for pistols and 22 rifles. Registration starts at 8:00 am. Shooting starts at 9:00am, March through November. Winter hours start one hour later, Nov.-Feb. The match goes till one or so. Lunch provided after match. Contact person is Grant at steel.grant@scml.us.

Skeet: Open to the public on Thursdays at 6:30PM. Only $3.50 per round of 25. Gate is open, membership is not required  Come on out and join the fun. Just a bunch of laidback guys having some fun who would love to help you if you ask.  

5 Stand: Randy starts at 11:00 AM on Sundays, $5 per round. Gate is open, membership is not required. Eight clay throwers that are changed every week. Shotguns only on these bays.

Open indoor shooting:   Fred Wright is at the indoor Range Thursday at 6:00 - 8:00PM, November through April.  22 through .45 pistol. The Indoor range will also be open from 10:00AM to 1:00PM on Friday’s 
$3.50 fee for indoor range use. $7.00 for non-members.

We offer six public shooting bays from 7 yards out to 450 yards. You must be a member to use the bays even if the gate is open. Several bays are posted for Law enforcement and special use only. Please follow the information on the signs. Please use the appropriate bay. The Skeet, Trap and 5 Stand areas are for shotgun only. Pistols and rifles only on the 25 and 50 yard bays. 

The 100 yard range is for shooting targets at 100 yards only. Please do not set up targets less than 100 yards.  The bullets will ricochet and cause the range to be shut down.

The 450 yard bay is for 200 to 450 yard use only and is closed on days the stunt planes are out. The Port of Ephrata has dates posted on their website for when the stunt planes are scheduled. Go to www.portofephrata.com  for more info. Remember, persons and/or vehicles cannot be in the 450 bay while the stunt planes are flying. This is for our protection. We are in their crash zone. This is an FAA enforced rule. There are steel targets available in the 450 bay. These are appropriate for use by most rifles except for 50 cal and any armor piercing ammo. If we treat them nicely, they will last for quite a while. Please double check that your ammo is not steel core. If a magnet sticks to the bullet, please refrain from using the steel targets. NO GREEN TIP AMMO. Those plates are a $100.00 each and can be ruined with one shot from steel core ammo.

Jr Small Bore Rifle: We are looking for a new director for this program.
Once we get a new director, we will resume this program. Precision 3 position (Prone, Kneeling, Standing) 
Olympic style shooting for  Juniors 18 and younger who must be physically capable of holding a 10 lb rifle in the standing position. 

We provide everything needed for precision .22 rifle shooting. Shooters can work towards their NRA marksmanship titles, and medals/awards are given for advancing in rank. We are always looking for shooters who wish to compete at matches. This program serves as a great introduction into firearms and marksmanship for those who have no or limited experience. When we resume this activity, it will be held on Wednesdays, 7:00 - 9:00PM. We are looking for a new director for this program. 

Law Enforcement dates:   The Police bay is reserved for Law enforcement use. Enforcement may be on any bay at any time. The IPSC bays beyond the Police bay are open only for IPSC events. If the gate is locked open, that means there is an event going on or L.E. is using the range. Please double check before locking the gate. Otherwise the gate is to remain closed.  

Miscellaneous: Range rules are posted and available when you purchase your keys each year. Please read them.

If you witness violations of these rules please  contact the Ephrata Police Department. 
Call 509-754-2491 for the Ephrata Police Department or 509-762-1160 for MACC Dispatch.

Trash bins are provided for your used targets. Please clean up after yourself.

For scholarship information, contact Pops Carter at 764-9082 or 509-750-7740 (text preferred.) 
Email: armed_and_safe@technologist.com
 (Note the underscore _ between the words.)

For additional information please call  Fred at  (509) 750-6567.


Board Contacts:
Pres. Erik Borg  
Tres. Bill LeMaster 
Sec.  Fred Wright   
(509) 750-6567 
Scholarship Pops Carter 509-764-9082 or 509-750-7740 (text preferred.) 
Our website is http://www.ephratasportsmen.com/
Our FaceBook group is http://www.facebook.com/groups/EphrataSportsmen/ 

Our email address is ephratasportsmen@gmail.com                           

                                                                       Thanks, Erik Borg, President